Getting “icky” with it

I need to up my nursing game.

I’m the person who never got into the TV show ER because it was way too gory for me. So you can imagine how grossed out I was when I woke up yesterday morning in a pool of blood. The blood and puss were leaking from my incision line.  Total ick. Also, did I mention how much pain I was in?

When I went to see Dr K that morning, he said it was infected he took the stitches out in the office. The most painful thing I have experienced to date. I’m not kidding. Then we had a debate about whether I should be admitted to the hospital and hooked up on an IV for 2 days, or go home with antibiotics. Thinking about the last time I was hooked to the IV, I decided to go with curtain #2. Dr K explained in great detail how to change my dressings. Came home, took the antibiotics, bled through a few more gauze “dressings” and took it easy the rest of the day. If however, the antibiotics didn’t clear up the infection by Thursday, then I was to be admitted to the hospital. Oh joy.

Do you want to know what I have to do to change my dressings? Of course you do. The area where the stitches were is now a gaping open wound around 3 inches long and maybe 2 cm deep. In other words, you can see soft tissue. It’s nasty. TMI alert: I have to douse a square of gauze with saline and then insert it into the hole and pack it in. Ew, ew, ew. I have to sit down to do this it’s so nasty. Then another gauze on top and tape it up and ta da I’m done! I do this twice a day. Hooray.

The good news is two nights of Hanukkah down and no complaints yet. A Festival of Lights Miracle!





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  1. I’m not going to lie that sounds so disgusting and painful! But JG you will get through this like you have all the rest. You are a serious trooper and love your sense of humor. I am glad you are home and not at the hospital and I hope it clears by Thursday. My holiday wish for you is to get to spend the remaining nights of Hanukkah at home hopefully without any episodes of your own personal ER. XO

  2. Every time I have to do something involving how my body isn’t working well and I feel discouraged, I think of your journey and am inspired by your great sense of humor, courage and perspective. I hope you avoid the hospi and can go on your ski trip!

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