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Instead of writing a lengthy post on my feelings (down), emotions (fragile), or my current state of mind (frustrated), I will do a little question and answer sesh so you can get all the deets: how did we get here, what’s happening now, what will happen?

When did this Start?

Back in October when I had my nipple revision surgery, Dr K also did a scar revision on the right side. About 2 weeks after the surgery, I noticed that it was hot and red. We monitored it for a bit, and then I was put on antibiotics. I ended up taking 2 rounds of antibiotics.

Did the antibiotics work?

I’m not sure if they did – they prevented infection from getting worse, but the redness never really went away.  I was going to for check-ups with Dr K once a week to monitor the redness and it was starting to move along my scar line.

Why did you have surgery?

I woke up on Thursday, December 11th – you know the Supposed Storm of the Century – and a part of my scar had opened up. About 1 inch in length and there was blood. Saw the doctor that day and we rescheduled surgery for the next day, December 12th to stitch it up and close the opening.

How did the surgery go?

The procedure itself was easy – they used a local – but when I came home on Friday I was in a lot of pain, which continued through Sunday and Monday. The pain level surprised me for such a little surgery. On Monday I noticed my breast was hot and red, by Tuesday I woke up in a sea of blood where the stitches were accompanied by a low-grade fever. Uh oh.

How is this infection different than last year?

Last year I had a seroma which was blood/fluid collecting from the pocket/expander area and not draining completely. This time I have an open wound fairly big make 3 inches long and 1 inch deep.

Why did the stitches fail?

There can be a number of reasons why – the area under the breast is extremely sensitive and thin skin, which makes healing a longer process and more susceptible to infections. When I saw the doctor on Tuesday, he removed the stitches in his office, so now I have a big gaping open wound that I have to “dress” twice a day.

What’s the best case scenario?

Right now we’re just monitoring the situation. I continue to take antibiotics and picked up a refill so I’ll do at least two rounds again. There are a number of scenarios involving it healing from the inside out on its own which may take 1-2 months. After it’s healed, they can stitch me up again. I can’t do anything strenuous or that will make me sweat excessively or exercise during the next 1-2 months while it – hopefully – heals. That’s right: no tennis and no skiing. Sigh.

OK, but what’s worst case scenario?

I’ll admit – the WCS is pretty grim. It involves concluding at some point in time that the skin has either not healed, or not improving, and I have surgery to take the implant out. This would require drains for some time, and having to wait a few months before we could put a new implant in. Wait, wha?

What are you doing now?

I’m laying low. Trying not to circle the drain and spending as much one on one time with the Intern as possible. Somehow I can’t stop the image of Nancy Kerrigan in my head screaming “Why Me???” after the Jeff Gillooly fiasco.

[Interesting side note: Gillooly has shaved the mustache and changed his name.]

Back to my Intern – I’ve been neglecting him.



ps. If there are other questions you’d like answered – I tried to answer the ones I’ve been asked – ping me.


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  1. For goodness sake, Jen. You have really been through it all. I keep hoping the next post you write will have everything done and finalized, but that has not been the case. I am so sorry you’ve had such a difficult time. I am sending you all my best healing wishes that we get this over with soon and you can get on with your normal full and active life. Hang in there, which I know is not easy at this point. Obviously you have so many friends and so much family close that love you dearly. Keep the intern close and try to enjoy the holidays!

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