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Don’t Call me a Fighter

Hello, hello? Anyone hear me? Echo….echo…echo…. Ever notice how when hearing or reading about people with cancer it’s always all with aggressive words like “battling” or “fighting?” And when someone passes from cancer, it’s all “Lost their battle?” I get that the metaphor is All Hands On Deck While We Declare War On Cancer, but

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I guess you could say my absence from posting has been because I’ve been busy with other non-cancer related life things. Which is funny, because nearly 18 months later, and my CJ is never far from my mind. While I’m not afraid to admit that I did indeed watch this last season of Real Housewives of

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playing the med game

Ok, here’s the situation… [my parents went away for a week’s vacation…] Some of you will get that reference. But let’s move on. Wait. Small digression – and as long as we’re going in the way-back machine to 1988, I’ve been constantly reminded lately of the passage of time. My kids think I’m so uncool and

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