Breast Cancer Survival Kit

1 in 8 women will get diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. I don’t know about you but that statistic horrifies me.

Here are some of my go-to finds that helped me from diagnosis through surgery and beyond.


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The Bibles. Both of these books are chock-full of resources and helpful information. You don’t need to read these straight through but they’re both good reference books.


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The Been-There-Done-That morsels of advice. All of these books share insight through the lens of people who have experienced breast cancer. I haven’t read The Silver Lining yet – but I have seen the website from which the book is based.

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The Irreverent. I loved all of these books because they made me laugh and cry and were bold in their presentation and analysis.



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The Genie Bra is uh-mayzing. Super soft and super stretchy and come with full pads. Come in many colors. Available online and at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

There is only one word I can use to describe the Airism Bra Camisole from Uniqglo: brilliant. Comes in tons of colors, with molded cups, so you have a perfect shape all the time.

I reach for this Target Camisole again and again. No pads or cups, but a shelf bra and I loved in these for the first month following my surgery. I sleep in them now. At $9 each, they’re a great find. Great to wear at home.


Melatonin – Now that the Ambien is in my rear view mirror, that doesn’t mean that sleep doesn’t elude me from time to time. I take 2.5 mg of melatonin under my tongue and that helps.

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Comfy Cozy Cardigan to throw on around then house. Mine is from Barefoot Dreams and I love it.

Great Slippers. I wore these even to there hospital!

Neck/Shoulder Aromatherapy wrap. I heated mine in the microwave and the heat felt so good on my sore chest and shoulders.

Further Resources

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