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Must-See TV 2014 Version

So what’s on my Tivo this fall? I’ve been flirting with a couple new shows. Jury’s still out on a few, but here’s what I’ve been enjoying:

  • Mindy Project – she’s fierce, fashionable and fabulous, what’s not to love?
  • How to Get Away with Murder – hooked, line and sinker
  • The Affair – an interesting haunting drama told from 2 different perspectives
  • Marry Me – I love, love, love Casey Wilson
  • Married – irreverent, amusing and funny and brilliant casting
  • True Tori – yes it’s a train wreck, but I’m still fascinated


I’ve been known to freely share my opinion when it comes to movies or books or TV shows. But now, I turn to you for advice. I have a decent backup of saved recordings of shows since early October that I’m sure to blow through. So I think I’ll need some movie reccos that I can access via netflix, on-demand or iTunes. For your edification, here’s the awesomeness that is on my Tivo (No judgies, k?)

  • Nashville (5 eppys)
  • The Carrie Diaries (3)
  • Scandal (8)
  • Modern Family (5)
  • RHOBH (2)
  • Revenge (6)
  • The Good Wife (2)
  • Pretty Little Liars

I’ve managed to keep up with HIMYM and The Mindy Project. I’ve got Blacklist on demand and Mike and I have the entire 3rd season (to date) of Homeland to watch as well as the 5th season of The League.

So, assuming I’ve got a decent handle on television shows, what movies? These are the 3 movies I loaded on my iPad:

  • Singles (it never gets old)
  • Bling Ring (loved, and I read the book too)
  • Heat (haven’t watched it yet)

Any others? Let me know.


People who say that summer is their favorite season are missing one crucial element about  fall: Fall TV Premieres! Forget apple picking, and leaves turning, and admiring the beauty of the outdoors – it’s all about what’s happening indoors people! Hello? This is way important. For reals.

Do your homework people! Don’t be afraid to get dirty and do the research. Yes it can be a time suck (don’t even get me started on how much TV I watch) – but it’s a worthwhile not to mention rewarding activity to know what you’re exactly what you’re watching. You also have to go into Fall TV Premiere Season knowing and expecting that it’s not all rainbows and unicorns discovering your new fave show and living happily ever after together for 8+ seasons. Someone has to say it and I’m not going to mince words here: sometimes, bad things happen to good shows. There. I’ve said it. We’ve all been there and had to learn to deal with the crushing blow a canceled show can cause to your emotional stability not to mention your weekly lineup. Devastating, I know. RIP My-So-Called-Life and Veronica Mars.

It needs to be noted that you also have to be strong enough to cut the cord when a show isn’t doing it for you. “It’s not you, it’s me,” you say to Grey’a Anatomy. “I loved you when there was a scary bomb in the hospital and Coach Taylor had blew up carrying it away, and supported you when a crazy shooter came into the hospital and killed off all of the supporting rando characters whose names we didn’t know or really care about, and I even defended you when that plane crash went down and Lexi died and then McSteamy dies and then Arizona’s legs are amputated….but now I just can’t. We are never getting back together. Ever.”

And in true fantasy football style, here are my picks for the 2013 season.

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  1. Ok….so I don’t wanna take down a girl with the”C” word……but I believe my T.V. lineup will kick your T.V. lineups assets!!!
    Trophy Wife-hilliar!
    Nashville-Everybody Needs a Little Country
    and let us not foeget All our reality friends who make sure that the whole world know what a “Super Power” the USA is……..A Super Power of FREAKS!!!!!!

    So most of you know……..ok maybe most is a little grandiose…..a couple of you know that I could not tell you a sports stat, I couldn’t tell the name of more than 1 maybe quarternack playing now, shoot I can’t even tell you the positions my kids play(please don’t judge I never claimed to be a great mom). So it would be not a shocker to assume I know nothing about Fantasy Football but I do know something about FANTASIES and Football Players….this brings me to my point (thanks for the patience).
    My R.I.P(Please be reincarnated) T.V. show is drum roll please……..Friday Night Lights……..bring back Riggins PLEASE!!!!!
    Keep hope alive Riggins Riggins Riggins!!!!

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  3. Ok so I am also a bit of a TV addict.
    Pretty Little Liars
    Hawaii Five O
    I still do watch Greys, I am a solid fan, but yes it definitely not so great.

    As I do watch a few hours each night to decompress and a few more at the gym in the AM- the list gets longer.

    Orange is the New Black – need to watch
    Switched at Birth – Netflix – Kate and I are addicted, Season 1 – there are 30 episodes, it will keep you entertained with a little teen fun

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