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oil is a healthy alternative to facial moisturizer

After years of religiously buying every product known to man in an “oil free” formulation, I’ve now become addicted to oil. Hold the phone – I said wha?

And no, I’m not advocating slathering baby oil on your body in an attempt to get that deep dark Saint Tropez tan (those were fun days, weren’t they? sigh) but nowadays there are many products on the market that deliver healthy moisture to the face that are chock-full of healing ingredients, without the nasty parabens or chemicals. And they’re organic! Bonus!

If you want the full 4-1-1 on face oils, check out Spirit Beauty Lounge’s roundup here.

Here are a few I’ve tried and my two cents:

arganicabottlegradient ARG-1-2T.gif rms-beauty-oil-pRMS Beauty Oil is what I have been using every morning. It’s scent is so good, vanilla with rose hip. I love it!

 Osea Argan Oil is something I use every few nights – argan oil promotes healing. And its compact roller ball size makes it easy for travel.

I was turned on to Arganica Oil a few months ago from another blog and I use this most nights. It has a strong fragrant smell which I like but it’s strong. It has frankincense which is super good for healing and lavender which is also good for healing. There are some conflicting reports out there whether Lavender may be estrogenic. So as a precaution, I have limited my exposure to Lavender (my fav natural oil scent boo!) and I still use this a few times a week.

While I haven’t tried these yet, the following beauty oils are on my radar and I hope to be test-driving them soon as I’ve heard great things!


splash-bottle ila-face-oil-d mun-no1-aknari-nighttime-dream-youth-serum-p


Vinter’s Daughter | ila face oil for glowing radiance | Mun No. 1 Aknari Nightime Dream Youth Serum


luxury without parabens

Okay, so my main mission was to find an alternative to my Tarte tinted moisturizer which is just ok, and my Trish MacAvoy BB cream which I’ve been using (thanks HB!) and is amazing (paraben free!) but has a couple of ingredients that I’d like not to be using every day. So, I turned to a few bloggers  & Elle Magazine Green Awards 2013 for their advice:

Foundation_grande narcissist-0_grande universalist-8_grande ilia_lipstick_grande rms-ll RMS-uncover-01 rms-beauty-oil-p vapour-aura-stain-d chocolate-sun-cocoa-glow-medium-d

Kjaer Weiss cream foundation is oil free, creamy and blendable and has a cult following. At $68 it’s pricey, but you can buy $40 refillable trays to replenish.

W3LL People narcissist foundation stick and universalist multi-use color stick get rave reviews.

Ilea Beauty Lipsticks are extremely popular and well-loved with a variety of on trend colors.

RMS Beauty is based on raw, organic and living principals. Their Living Luminizer, Beauty Oil and Uncoverup are considered gold standards in the green beauty world. [Also so is their raw coconut cream, not pictured.]

Vapour Organic Beauty is celebrated for its Aura Multi Use Stain Stick and Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation. [I read that Jessica Alba favors this brand.]

Chocolate Sun produces non toxic self tanning products that are safe on the skin.

So what did I get?

I ordered samples drom Spirit Beauty Lounge of:

  • the Kjaer Weiss cream foundation in 2 shades
  • an Ilea lipstick in Funnel of Love
  • the RMS uncover up in 2 shades

I purchased from Spirit Beauty:

  • RMS Beauty Oil
  • Chocolate Sun Cocoa Glow Sunless Tanner

I purchased from Eco Beauty Diva:

  • W3LL People universalist color stick
  • Kjaer Weiss mascara 

I’ll let you know how the samples go and how I end up liking things.

use this, don’t use that

Confused about what’s ok and what’s not? Companies don’t make it easy to find what’s in their products. I’ve done a little of the research for you. Check it…

online shopping

Thanks to all of you for emailing me with recommendations of brands and online sites in which to find “friendly” makeup products. Here’s what you said:

Deodorant: Aluminum-free (Studies show that breast cancer patients have higher concentrations of aluminum in their tissue than those who don’t, so I am staying away from aluminum.)

Skincare: Paraben-free and usually oxybenzone free.

It’s all about labels

I’ve never been more “label conscious” – that is to say, I’ve become a religious devotee of reading the ingredients’ labels on all beauty, skincare and other personal products. Feeling overwhelmed navigating the difference between petrochemicals and parabens? Happy to help!

tartephoto rmslogo JSweb_logo

Read more about some of my recent trip to Sephora here….

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