February 2013: 

  • Annual Mammogram. They see something and ask me to come back in 6 months.

New here? Settle in and read all about my CJ from start to finish. Below is a timeline of events with links to all the blog posts by month.

October 2013 – blog posts 

  • 3rd: Follow-up Mammogram, ultrasound and sonogram. They see 2 areas on left breast and ask me to come in for more tests.
  • 4th: Needle-guided biopsy on left breast.
  • 7th: Stereotactic biopsy on other area on left breast.
  • 8th: Diagnosed with infiltrating (or invasive) ductal carcinoma on left breast, tumor size is 5 mm from 1st biopsy.
  • 9th: BRCA1 and BRCA2 test administered.
  • 10th: 2nd biopsy results in reveal calcifications, benign growth.
  • 11th: Consult with breast surgeon at UCSF.
  • 14th: Consult with breast surgeon at CPMC.
  • 16th: Consult with plastic surgeon at CPMC; MRI; Consult with plastic surgeon at Marin General.
  • 18th: Consult with breast surgeon at Marin General.
  • 25th: BRCA tests come out negative.

November 2013 – blog posts 

  • 11th: Appointment with OBGYN to remove IUD.
  • 14th: Bilateral Mastectomy at CPMC. Expanders placed.
  • 16th: Come home.
  • 22nd: Dr K remove 2 drains.
  • 25th: Consult with Oncologist #1 at Marin General; order Oncotype test.
  • 27th: Remove remaining drains.

December 2013 – blog posts 

  • 4th: Surgery #2 to repair left breast.
  • 6th: Dr K to remove drains from surgery #2.
  • 16th: Follow up with breast surgeon; Consult with oncologist #2.
  • 19th: Oncotype results reveal “inconclusive” (intermediate) results; order Mammaprint test.
  • 30th: Check in to CPMC for IV to treat infection for 3 days, 2 nights.

January 2014 – blog posts 

  • 1st: Released home.
  • 6th: Mammaprint results reveal “low risk”; Consult with Oncologist #3 at UCSF.
  • 16th: Begin weekly acupuncture.
  • 23rd: Start Tamoxifen.

February 2014 – blog posts 

  • 10th: 1st saline fill
  • 24th: 2nd saline fill

March 2014 – blog posts 

  • Saline fills every 7-10 days.
  • Check up with Oncologist Dr M

April 2014

  • Finished filling right breast
  • 3rd surgery to repair left breast swap out expander

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